Project Overview

The On-demand multi-vendor pizza ordering and the delivery app allows users to place an order of fresh and hot pizza online from neighboring pizza shops, and it delivers their items swiftly to customers' doorsteps. This software will enable customers to place an order for a variety of delectable pizzas from the menu easily through the website and mobile apps. Customers can pay their amount online by using various payment methods and can also track their orders in a real-geographical location with an arrival time. Drivers will deliver the food items quickly by using the route optimization feature.

How has Brendan Healy benefited?

“ I can’t recommend Technoduce Info Solutions highly enough. They go above and beyond. I traveled from Ireland to Technoduce Head office in India. I met Mr.Rajesh Prabhu the CEO that he and his team were trustworthy organization. I am glad to say that gut feeling has served me well. Technoduce has built us an amazing platform on time and on budget.”

CEO & Founder at QiQ Enterprises Limited,

Brendan Healy

CEO & Founder at QiQ Enterprises Limited,

The Challenge

It's an on-demand pizza ordering and delivery system that lets customers browse the pizza menus, which include delectable pizzas, sides, beverages, and desserts from various restaurants. The software has several customization options, such as the ability to change the crust or add additional cheese and toppings as desired. By loading up on their favorite items, they can make online pizza orders more remarkable.

When contacting Technoduce they wanted to start their own on-demand pizza ordering and delivery platform in Ireland. After that, we started researching and gathering information about ‌the business, designing features and functionalities to give the best solutions to QiQ.

We had to do the following things to start the development:

  • To create an effective online pizza ordering software that includes information about showing the neighboring pizza shops, discounts/offers, online payment methods, order tracking, and other features to their customers.
  • Clients focus on aggregating the different pizza shops to add as a partner to the QIQ platform.
  • Providing the vendor applications to manage their pizza menus, order acceptance and rejects, track and analyze the sales report
  • Driver application to deliver the ordered pizza to customers' doorstep quickly.

We experienced a variety of problems during the development of the pizza application follows as:

  • Perfection in terms of user interface (UI), as well as flawless animations throughout the app.
  • The major issue was to provide online pizza ordering services to their clients while substantially lowering prices compared to competitors.
  • Customers want to select the “half n half pizza” option and choose the ingredients for each half of the pie.
  • The client wants to design a simple filter, checkout, and feedback system to operate it.

The Solutions

This is an on-demand pizza ordering system that lets users browse the whole Pizza menu, which includes delectable pizzas, half-and-half, side dishes, beverages, and desserts. Customers can also personalize their pizzas by altering the crust or adding additional cheese toppings and other ingredients. Users can make pizza more attractive by adding additional cheese or changing the crust entirely. We created a visual identity with our in-house developers that reflect its brand position and stand out from other food marketplace apps.

pizza ordering system

As a result, it has emerged as a sophisticated and efficient pizza ordering app that captures the attention and interest of most users. The app includes the following functions:

  • It is a user-friendly app with a clever filtering feature to assist users in doing the most efficient searches possible.
  • By considering the domain and target market, the application is exposed to a clean design full of smooth and formal animations.
  • The software features a unique function that allows users to adjust the pricing and location range using a two-sided slider, which is quite useful.

Apps Screens We Provided


As a result, we have developed and deployed an online pizza ordering and delivery app successfully. Client data and advanced analytics are available to QIQ partners, including the integration of all orders/delivery channels into a single paradigm, allowing them to create hyper-personalized customer offerings.

QIQs new order transformation approach better engages and delights consumers through updated and centralized operations, resulting in greater customer service and better guest experiences.

Great to have this new delivery service in Newbridge ... super-efficient and an excellent choice of takeaways 👍

-Mimi Nagnal

Easy App to use, plenty of great money off offers for takeaways near me. Especially love the favorite tab. I'm a creature of habit, so it makes ordering far too easy. My waistline does not like it.

-Michael Keogh

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