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Data migration services

Data is the key success of any business. It is very important when doing data migration without losing any data and downtime of the application. So we have to organize and manage the data securely.

Technoduces handles any kind of challenge in data migration. We completely take of care of your data migration process from your existing system to the new system. We have a database architecture team to analyze your existing system, new requirements and our experienced development team to implement the new system and deploy it in the new server with IT team.

We provide training for the new system and technical support for two months. If you want us to maintain the application we do it in full-time employment. We are ready to work from our place or your premises.

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Data migration service process

Data migration service process

  • Design

    Analyse existing data and get the idea of the new system then plan how the data will be converted.

  • Extract

    Get all data from existing data source.

  • Cleanse

    Analyse the data and find the data issues, delete the redundant or duplicated data, Identify the incomplete data and inaccurate data.

Data migration services
  • Load

    Upload the cleansed data to the new data source.

  • Verify

    Test the data and validate upload success. Then test the new system.

  • Report

    Provide the new system performance report compared with the old system. You can evaluate the data migration services.

Data migration service features

Empower your database with amazing features.

  • Database analysis, design, and development using a variety of Platforms such as MS-SQL, and MySQL.
  • Development of ASP, PHP inherited applications based on web.
  • Determining user requirements analysis.
  • Executing logical and physical design of the database.
  • Stored procedures development.
  • Creation of strategies for backup and recovery.

Why choose Technoduces for data migration services?

Solve any critical data migration and security issues.

  • A good team with excellent experience delivering data migration services.
  • Better data quality without data loss.
  • Reduce the risk in downtime of the business operation.
  • Migrate the data without worry.
  • Any technology, Any platform.
  • Complete support for the new system.

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