Project Overview

A Singapore-based telecom services providing company was looking for a partner who could handle its invoice transaction papers efficiently, that’s accounts payable software where vendors/supplier's invoices could be managed in an online portal and also helps to streamline the payment process to avoid cash flow.


PDG receives 50 invoices every day or around 500 per month. 40% of these invoices arrived as paper invoices in the mail, while 60% were received as email attachments.

These invoices would be accepted and paid locally, or they would be transferred to the finance department for processing. PDG had trouble dealing with both the paper invoice and the email attachments. This method was time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to manage all the bills without failure.

Princeton Digital Group needed ‌to unify its workflow and AP automation procedures in order to use its new ERP solution. PDG hunts for the right solution provider who could help with the pre-final processes required to meet their requests in order to ease billing unification.

accounts payable software

The Solutions

Technoduce is one of India's leading software development companies. PDG comes with the requirement to streamline their invoice processing easily. After much research about their needs - Technoduce offers a comprehensive front-end AP automation solution for the invoice handling process. It included the following elements in Technoduce's accounts payable solution:

accounts payable automation software
  • Technoduce created a separate vendor portal to submit invoices for the payment process, or the Vendor also can send invoices through the email attachment or mail PO box services.
  • The accounts payable portal manages all invoices sent by emailed attachments and also mailed invoices through a PO Box service. OR Vendors can upload/submit their invoices with the help of the vendor portal. AP software could save all the bills' receipts for acknowledgment and validation process.
  • It would scan uploaded bills with the help of OCR technology for data capture, validation, and approval for the other process. It smoothly uploaded the captured data in the invoice management section for The PDG team approvals and routing process.
  • If the submitted/received invoice is invalid, approvers will reject it and notify the vendors/suppliers.
  • The fully automated solution, which spans many locales, is coupled with the back-end ERP system and allows for automatic two-way and three-way matching between invoices, POs, and GR entries. They automatically rejected duplicate invoices using this approach.


Within their ERP, the PDG could achieve its goal of building a centralized AP platform that offers high-quality photos and accurate invoice index details to their users across India and AP software, vendor payments were centralized to avoid payment delays and cash flow issues, resulting in vendor satisfaction and the organization forming long-term partnerships with them. Other significant advantages, such as increased transaction accuracy, improved productivity, and better transaction reporting. We implemented this goal in 70 days.

The PDG has significantly cut the number of hours and efforts required in their paper-based environment and has reaped the financial benefits.

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