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Start your on-demand food ordering and delivery business with FoodPurby. We provide full source code of the application with white-label solution for your business

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A complete online food ordering and delivery software

Are you looking for the online food delivery software to start your single or multi restaurant business, like FoodPanda, Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEats? Technoduces has a readymade food delivery software ‌product named as FoodPurby, It provides a complete end-to-end solution for your restaurant ordering and delivery business. Our multi restaurant delivery software has advanced features and functionality to overcome the market competition. Our restaurant delivery software is suitable for any kind of online ordering and delivery service business such as pizza ordering, cake delivery, meat delivery, etc., Our multi restaurant delivery software comes with the latest technology for the online ordering and delivery process in a streamlined manner.

FoodPurby, the multi restaurant delivery software is ready to offer customized solutions according to your business needs. We have highly skilled designers and developers, who provide standard unique features and functionality more than FoodPanda, Swiggy, UberEats. If you running a single restaurant or want to start on-demand delivery business, our FoodPurby suits you well and makes it easy for your customers to browse and menus online, place an order, allowing them to track in real-time and delivery the customers doorstep by using the route optimization. We have decades of experience in providing the best online food delivery software for the business with fully customized, and also with whitelabel services. Looking for a multi restaurant delivery software? Contact us now to get your restaurant delivery software along with the full source code now.


Our customized restaurant delivery software suits all types of business model

We provide a complete on-demand online food delivery software for your business if you are running a single restaurant business or need to launch your own multiple restaurant food delivery businesses. Get a customizable online food software for your business now.

Our food delivery software stakeholders for your business

Some main features of our multi restaurant delivery software

We provide web portals and mobile applications for consumers, vendors, and delivery employees at the same price by utilizing our cross-functional platform FoodPurby. Our FoodPurby can assist you whether you require a cutting-edge web portal or an engaging mobile application. Get a customized online food delivery software

Customer app screens of our multi restaurant delivery software

FoodPurby has excellent in-built features to kick start your restaurant ordering and delivery business. Our food delivery softare assures you to boost up your business and attract customers online. Our multi restaurant delivery software comes with customers ordering web and mobile app, and, restaurant vendor web and mobile apps, delivery app for drivers are all fully automated for the business owners. Do you have any new ideas? Contact us to get a best food delivery software.

Why choose our online food delivery software?

Want to become the most reliable on-demand food services provider like UberEats or Swiggy? We have all the features, which you are looking for. Our on-demand multi restaurant delivery software would be perfectly suitable for any small, medium, or enterprise business. With our food ordering software, your customers can easily browse and order food from nearby restaurants.

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  • Full source code
  • One-time investment
  • Easy customizable
  • White label solution<< /span>
  • RTL feature
  • Secured platform
  • Latest tech and versions
  • Free installation & set up
  • Continuous tech support

How does our multi restaurant delivery software works for you?

The online food delivery software follows the simple workflow method, anyone can order a food within a few of clicks and delivered it customers place easily. Following are the steps an user can take to make an order and have it delivered to their address:

Features of online food ordering software for Admin Web panel

Intuitive dashboard

Admin is provided with an intuitive dashboard to manage and track the complete ordering and delivery process anytime from anywhere.

Push notification

In our food delivery application, the admin receives a quick instant push notification on every ordering and cancellation request done from customers

Manage customers

Manage the customers and their details from the admin back end panel in our online food ordering software. With this list, the admin can send newsletters.

Manage restaurant

Our multi restaurant delivery software allows to control unlimited restaurant partners details in the backend.

Manage delivery staff

Admin can set the delivery staff as automated or manual. The restaurant owner can assign tasks to delivery staff from the admin panel.

CMS settings

Any content changes or images update can be done on the FoodPurby software from CMS settings features from the backend panel.

Manage reviews

Admin has complete access to enable or disable the customer’s given reviews on the online food ordering websites.

Manage payments

Admin can track the payments easily from our multi restaurant delivery software, it allows users to pay either COD or online.

Access control

Admin can provide complete or partial access control to the respective roles such as restaurant vendors and delivery staff from the backend panel.

Cuisine & ingredients

Any number of categories and subcategories can be created for cuisines and ingredients to be added up from the admin panel in our food delivery software.


Our multi restaurant delivery software can generate quick reports based on the orders, customer reviews on the restaurant, delivery staff performance, etc.

Manage category

Admin can generate multiple categories for the menu to be updated from the backend panel in our online food delivery software.

Features of multi restaurant delivery software for Restaurant panel Web and mobile app


Each restaurant vendor is provided with a separate business page to maintain and log in via the restaurant panel in our multi restaurant delivery software.

Manage ingredients

Restaurant vendors can update the list of ingredients used for the menu from the restaurant backend panel in our readymade restaurant delivery software.

Manage payments

The vendor receives payment directly from the customers. That money transaction can be tracked in this manage payment features.

Manage orders

Customer new order requests are updated here. Based on the order, the restaurant owner starts preparing the food.

Manage reviews

Even the restaurant owner can enable or disable the customer’s reviews provided for their restaurants in our food delivery software.

Assign delivery staff

The restaurant vendor can directly assign the food to the currently available delivery staff from our readymade multi restaurant delivery software. Assigning can also be automated.

Features of online food ordering software for Customer
Web & mobile app

Easy sign up

Your customers can log in to the multi restaurant delivery software via user name and password, they can also log in using social media account.

Search restaurant

Let your customers search for a nearby restaurant within the city from the search box. Making it easy to browse and find the restaurant.

Live tracking

By providing a user-friendly interface, the customers can track their placed order status and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Filter & Sort

Our multi restaurant delivery software allows your customers to sort the menu based on the price, cuisines, etc, and filter the menu list.

Wish list

Your customers can create a wish list and include their favorite restaurant or dishes in it. For further ordering, it would be easy.


Customers can pay split and pay either half cash and half online. Else can pay complete cash on delivery or online payment or card payments.


Once the order is confirmed by the restaurant owner, the customer receives an instant push notification. Also get to know about new offers, & new dishes.

Order history

In our readymade online food delivery software, complete order history from the start is maintained under this feature in the customer’s app.

Reviews / Favourites

Customers can provide reviews and ratings based on the restaurant menu and those are listed on the restaurant business page in-app.

Delivery details

Customers need to update and select the delivery address details in the app. Based on this selected address, food will be delivered to this address by delivery staff.


Our multi restaurant delivery software have inbuilt wallet features, allowing your customers to pay for the food via wallet.


Our food delivery software allows your customers to post any comments while ordering the food. Such as they can request less used flavors coloring food, etc.

Features of food delivery software for drivers - Mobile app

Delivery staff login

The delivery staff can log in to the account on a mobile device by providing the user name and password to check today’s delivery task.

Assigned orders

In our restaurant delivery software, the drivers can view the respective orders that have been assigned to them with customers’ locations and times.

My profile

The delivery staff can create a profile listing contact details as well as personal information including the name.

Order info

The task details include customers’ names, phone numbers, delivery addresses, delivery dates and times, etc.

Driver location

The current location of all delivery staff can be established through this feature to see who is closest.

Customer review

In our food delivery software, customers reviews can also be collected based on the delivery of the orders.

Some of our clients using FoodPurby product

We provided complete cutting-edge solutions to our clients, take time to view our some clients portoflios of online food delivery software

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Frequently asked questions about our product

What are the common features of food delivery software?

The common features of food delivery software can be valuable when estimating different tools. To support you out, we have documented the most common features below.

Our development process involves

1. Online menu

2. Online ordering

3. Kitchen management

4. Delivery routing

5. Delivery zone management

Why choose our multi-restaurant delivery software ?

There are numerous kinds of multi-restaurant delivery software available on the market. But all were not successful. Our software provides free installation, customizable, own brand, and on-demand service.

What is the cost of developing the Multi Restaurant Food Delivery Software ?

The whole cost to develop an online food ordering or delivery app depends upon your selection of the platform like IOS or Android & the kind of features you want to include and third-party integrations if any. Request a quote here.

Is food ordering and delivery application customizable?

Yes, we can offer custom development service for your product.

Why should I invest in food delivery app development?

The functioning of industries are growing, and most of them have moved to digital area for better reach and visibility. One such notable sector that has earned the best interests of customers is the food delivery applications. They offer end-users the comfort to enjoy food from their selected restaurants in the comfort of their homes.

What will be the approximate time taken to build my Online Food Ordering Software?

We have ready-made software. If you are not looking for any unique or customised features, we can deliver the solution within 7 working days. This time is required to set-up the apps with your specific brand and publish them on the app store and play store.

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