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eLearning software similar to Byju clone

Are you looking to start your own eLearning software system, educational application, offering course program, scholarship program, study material app, similar to Byjus clone?. We offer a complete solution for any kind of educational business sector similar to Byju clone. We are ready to provide a customized elearning program software application for colleges, schools, institutions, etc. We provide solution to kick start your elearning software business. Byju’s clone, our eLearning software provides a better learning platform for your students to learn, engage and be excited about new things. Our eLearning software acts as a common platform by bringing in teachers, technology and students in one place. At Technoduces info solutions we help such businesses and institutions to launch their own eLearning platform. Our eLearning software system features are similar to Byju’s clone script.

Do you wish to see how Byju’s clone, our online elearning software system looks like? Contact us to know the software features and functionality. We are ready to offer customized Byju’s clone script for your educational business. Our on demand elearning application is provided with interactive design and layout with the best student friendly app. It is the best way to teach your students from home. Now you can launch your own online learning application. We have advanced feature to increase your productivity and attract students. Take online classes, courses, and learning strategy to the next level with our Byju’ clone script. Byju's clone app has made the learning process more smooth and simple than before.

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Byju’s clone, our online eLearning application development solutions includes

Advanced features you find in our Byju’s Clone script

Features on Tutor panel similar to Byjus clone

Sign up / Login

Tutors can register and login using their email address and phone number. Providing a secured login for tutors.

Tutor dashboard

A robust dashboard is provided for the tutor panel, allowing them to manage the course details, students details, course, payment, etc.


In our online elearning software, tutor profiles consist of their name, profile image, contact details, mail id, degree, other specialization, etc.


Tutors will be notified each time regarding the student request and their upcoming classes, session, etc to be carried out on Byjus clone tutor software.


Byju’s clone, In our online elearning system tutors can answer for the students asked questions. This helps to clear their doubts.


Tutors are allowed to provide grades based on the students' performance on Byjus clone platform. This grade system helps students to improve their skill.

Video call

Tutors can take up video call sessions scheduled previously for the online classes, where they can directly interact with the students.

Text messages

Our Byju’s clone script is provided with the text message features, students and tutors can send messages across messaging platforms via software.

Features on Admin panel similar to Byjus clone

Intuitive dashboard

Our online elearning software is provided with an intuitive dashboard, allowing admin to manage the complete operation flow.

Manage students

Our Byju’s clone script manages all student profiles along with the students name, their selected course, students grades, etc.

Manage tutors

Admin can manage the profile of the tutor from the admin back end panel. The profile includes tutor name, classes to take, timing, etc

Quick notification

A quick notification is sent to the admin panel based on today's class, session, workshop on Byjus clone platform. This alerts admin on daily tasks.

Content management

Admin can easily manage the content and other details from the admin back end panel. The details include content update, pricing, etc.


A quick analytics report can be generated based on the highly taken courses, maximum downloads on the study materials, etc.

Message board

Admin can have seamless communication with the tutors. Common platform to share the message between admin and tutors.

Review access

Admin has complete access to remove the rating and reviews provided by the students from the admin back end panel.

Student App Features - Byju’ s clone

Sign up / Login

Students can easily register with elearning software using contact number, email id, grade, etc. They can login any time from anywhere via Byjus clone app.

Students dashboard

Byju’s clone, our online elearning software is provided with an interactive dashboard with all details about course, session, class, etc.

Browse lessons

Students can search for new lessons based on each subject. They can continue reading new lessons one by one accordingly on Byjus clone app.

Browse tutor

Our Byju’s clone allows students to search for a tutor if they wish to attend any online classes taken by that particular tutor.

Online session

The online sessions are scheduled on certain timings. Students can attend those online sessions on that particular timings on Byjus clone app.

Video conference

Through video conferences the students get connected over the video calls with the tutor to resolve the doubts via direct video call by Byjus clone app.

Text messages

The students can send quick direct text messages to the tutor any time if they have any clarification to be done.

Ratings & review

Byju’s clone, our online elearning software allows students to rate the courses, classes, session, or workshop. These ratings would help other students.


Students can attend free or paid workshops for the training purpose. These features help students to gain better knowledge.

Start test

After completing the courses or session, students can take up a quick test regarding that particular session conducted on Byjus clone app.

Popular videos

Most viewed videos seen by the students are listed under the popular videos section. This section will let students know the trending videos.

Pop up alerts

Byju’s clone, In our online elearning software, students will be notified every time about the upcoming courses, video session, classes, etc.

Why choose Technoduces for Byju’s clone app?

Interactive features

We offer the complete elearning software system, with interactive features. Byju's clone script is built using the latest tools and technology. We provide a complete solution for educational organization.

Complete source code

We offer this byjus clone script with complete source code. Admin has access to upgrade new features or make changes to this elearning system any time with the help of their own developers.

Multiple language & currency

Our online elearning software system supports multiple languages and currency. This helps your elearning system reach worldwide without any language barrier. Contact us to know about the byjus clone features.

Go Mobile

We provide this Byju’s clone script, online elearning system support on mobile as well. Now your students can access this elearning software not only on desktop but also via mobile platform (Android & iOS).

NDA document

We sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with your educational business. Ensuring your business ideas will be safe within us. Also providing utmost attention to data security on Byjus clone script.

User friendly App

The complete learning software is built, providing an user friendly experience for your students. The application can be used without any hassle. The App design and layout meets your expectations.

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