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Data Engineering Services and Solutions

Technoduces offers complete assistance with data engineering services and consultation. We help small, medium, large, or enterprise business to solve their data challenges based on the raw data. We have a team of experienced and qualified data engineers to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Our data engineering team analyzes semi-structured, structured, and unstructured data with the right tools to process the data. With robust data engineering, you get complete insight reports which help in better decision-making for your business. Technduce’s data engineering services enable data strategy, which ensures accessing of data at the right time in the supporting format.

We are ready to take up complicated data challenges. Our data engineering team works together to achieve business goals and provide the best data engineering service. We take up responsibility for creating pipelines or procedures to transport data from one instance to another. You can either hire our data engineering experts or outsource the service to us, thus providing the data to improve your business performance.

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Data Engineering As A Service

  • big data

    Big Data

    Large or hard-to-manage the volume of data both structured and unstructured can be coupled with quality system architecture. Looking to engage your business with a big data strategy? Contact us for Data Engineering service.

  • Data lake

    Data Lake

    Data Lake is a centralized repository designed to store, process, and secure large amounts of data (Structured or semi-structured, or unstructured data). It's a cost-effective solution to run big data workloads.

  • data pipe

    Data Pipelines

    The data pipeline is the moving of data from one source to another destination. Data can be transformed and optimized by processing techniques or real-time streamlining. In short, they ingest raw data from disparate sources.

  • data modernization

    Data Modernization

    Data modernization is all about retaining and extending the value of legacy data assets. It is an efficient and smart approach to migrating business data into cloud storage infrastructure. Contact us for Data engineering consultation and service.

  • data ingestion

    Data Ingestion

    It's the process of obtaining and importing data for immediate usage or storage in a database. Connecting a wide variety of data structures. There are different data ingestion tools that help process the data.

  • machine learning

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning is a type of AI (Artificial intelligence) that allows software applications to become more accurate at predicting the outcome. It is considered one of the important components of the growing field of data science.

  • ai custom solution


    Data modeling is the process of defining data content and structure for a specific purpose. We can use your existing data or newly collected data to construct foundational predictive models. Contact us for data engineering services.

  • ai business intelligence

    Real-time processing

    Technoduces’s data engineers are experts in implementing real-time and batch data processing systems across distributed environments. Looking for a data engineer? Contact Technoduces for Data engineering consultation and service.

Our Data Engineering tools and technology

  • Data Engineering






    Cosmos DB



  • Data Science





    Apache Kafka


    Apache Strom

  • Data Visualization





    Power BI




Value Proposition of Technoduces

Frequently asked questions about Data engineering services

Why are Data engineering services so important?

Data engineering service is important because it allows businesses to optimize data towards usability. More data provide a better predictions for the business.

What is the future of Data engineering?

Data engineering is the base for every successful data-driven company. The trend for data engineering will gradually be increased. Data engineering is a term that involves a series of processes. 80% of processes are data analytics and the remaining 20% are data science. We drive insights using tools and technology.

How much does a Data engineering project cost?

The cost of Data engineering depends on the project complexity, project size, tools and technology used, etc.

Is design and architecture part of Data engineering?

Yes, Data engineering is the practice of designing and building systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale.

What technologies do Data engineers use?

Key technologies that Data engineers use are
i) ETL tools, SQL,
ii) Programming languages - Java, Python, GOSpark
iii) Data store - DynamoDB, Hadoop, MongoDB, etc
iv)Data handling framework - Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Beam

How Data engineering solutions can help your organization?

Data engineering makes it faster and easier to extract useful information from the company’s data. Thereby making the insight result for accurate decision making.

Why do smart manufacturers need Data engineering services?

Improves product quality and user experience by analyzing data. Data engineering services help to identify new business experiences by analyzing gathered data.

Why did you choose Technoduces for Data engineering services and solutions?

Technoduces has highly skilled designers and developers for providing your customized solution for Data engineering services. We are in this field for more than 11+ years.

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