We help you launch your Careem clone app for your taxi business.

You can drive more customers to your taxi business by getting the best taxi app like Careem. Get a customized Careem clone app.

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Careem Clone for online Taxi, Food, Grocery, Delivery, Bike & Recharge business

Want to start your own online taxi business like Careem? Technoduces offers a complete end-to-end solution. We provide the necessary features to kick start a taxi business similar to Careem. With Careem clone software, you can offer a variety of cars like SUVs, Luxury, sedans, sports cars, other brand car for hire. Our on-demand taxi dispatch software offers safe driving to your passengers. Also, make it easy for your passengers to book online. We are ready to provide you with a customized solution for your single or multiple branch taxi business according to your business needs. Our on-demand taxi dispatch system, not only provides you with an excellent Careem clone but also helps you in increasing business productivity. Technoduces has highly skilled designers and developers to work on your Careem clone project. Our careem clone app, on-demand taxi dispatch software system supports on web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Our taxi booking system is provided with a user-friendly interface and makes it easy for your passengers to book repeatedly.

careem clone
careem clone app

Get a Careem clone app in no time with our unique features. No matter what, you run a single taxi business or multiple branch taxi businesses. We provide you the complete solution to track with our all-in-one Careem clone app. Now you can easily track everything with ease. Our careem clone, an on-demand taxi dispatch system, helps to monitor the complete taxi business operation in real-time. Our careem clone app is suitable for bikes, other vehicles, food delivery, shopping, other delivery, recharge, send credits, car business, etc. You can also kick start your food ordering business too with our Careem clone app. Contact us for a Customized Careem clone app suitable for any type of business sector. Our Careem clone is provided with the best classic features to increase the number of ride orders and helps to streamline the taxi business operations. Looking to develop apps similar to Uber, Dubai Taxi, RTA Smart taxi, etc? Contact us for a customized taxi dispatch software system.

Deliverables of our Careem clone

  • Admin Panel

    In our Careem clone, the admin is provided with a web backend panel. Admin can easily monitor and manage the complete taxi business operations in real-time.

  • Driver

    Each driver is provided with a separate driver panel on the mobile platform. The driver accepts the passenger ride request from the driver panel.

  • Users

    Passengers are provided with front-end panel support on the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). They can order & book from it.

Features you find in our Careem clone Admin panel

Why choose Technoduces for the Careem clone script?

Here are the reasons below why people choose us for developing the Careem clone app for your taxi dispatch business. Are you ready to start your on-demand taxi booking business with our Careem clone? Contact us we offer a complete end-to-end solution to kick start your taxi business online. Technoduces is a renowned brand that has been offering the various best solutions for different business sectors. We help your drive more customers to your taxi business by getting the best ride app similar to the Careem clone. We are ready to offer features more than Careem clone to increase the taxi business production and best user experience for your passengers.

Features you find in our Careem clone riders panel

Drivers profile

Each driver is provided with a separate login credential. The drivers can update their status as ready to accept rides or busy. In our Careem clone script, this status update would let customers and admin know about the driver.

Trip history

Your drivers can view their overall trip history including date, time, distance traveled, pick up and drop destination, trip cost, etc. All these trip details are maintained in our Careem clone script of the Drivers app.

Accept / reject rides

In our Careem clone script, drivers can either accept or reject rides as per their choice. By accepting the passenger’s request, a new trip is generated. When rejected, notification is sent to the customer as well as admin.


Each driver’s profile includes ratings and reviews about the riders. Based on these ratings and reviews, passengers can select the drivers for the ride in our Careem clone script. These ratings & reviews ensure secured provision.

Trip status

In our Careem clone script, drivers can update the status of their trip such as on-going trip / Available for trip/ journey completed / At break / trip canceled, etc. These details would help the admin to know about their status.

Text message

Drivers can send text messages or seek any help from other drivers via this text message. Our Careem clone script, on-demand taxi software lets drivers send messages among themself for any communication purpose.


Drivers will be notified instantly of any trip cancellation done by the customers. Instant push notifications or alerts are updated on the driver’s app in our Careem clone script. Even the reason for cancellation can tracked by the driver.

Booking alert

Our Careem clone script offers booking alerts or instant push notifications to the driver’s app. Drivers will receive alerts on upcoming ride requests along with the passenger pick up and drop details in our Careem clone.

Features you find in our Careem clone passenger app

Sign up / login

In our Careem clone script, your passenger can easily register and log in via the app. Your passengers can also log in via any social media channel. Our careem clone offers a user-friendly interface for your passenger.

Schedule ride

If your passenger is looking for a taxi, they can instantly book the taxi by clicking schedule ride. In our Careem clone, passengers can choose to pick up and drop point in the app, when confirmed the notification is sent to the rider.

Complaint box

Your passenger can post any complaint regarding the riders or riders’ behaviors in this complaint box. This complaint will be notified to the admin in our Careem clone script. So that admin can take action on riders.

Customer review

On each trip, your passengers are allowed to post reviews and ratings on the rider and their ride experience. This customer review in our Careem clone would help riders and admin to improve theirs on-demand taxi business.

Transaction history

Your passengers can view the complete transaction history from the first date to now via Careem clone script. This transaction history includes trip taken, location traveled, driver’s name, trip fare, pick & drop location.

Promo code

Our Careem clone script is provided with promo codes and special offers, to boost theirs on-demand taxi business. This lets your passengers earn a promo code and offers to get a better discount on each ride.

Driver preference

Your Passengers can choose the drivers as per their choice in our Careem clone script. The drivers are preferred based on customer reviews and ratings. Passengers can also prefer driver speaking their known language.

Ride receipt

Our on-demand taxi dispatch system, careem clone is provided with an automated receipt generated. Passengers will receive the receipt at the end of the journey, the receipt includes the distance traveled, trip cost, driver name, vehicle no, etc.


Our Careem clone script is provided with the wallet feature. Allowing your passenger to pay for the ride via wallet. Passengers can top up the wallet by adding the amount to it. Else can convert the points into amounts and add them to the wallet.

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