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Cloud migration service

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets like data, IT resources, workloads, other applications elements, etc to cloud infrastructure. In simple terms its moving tools from old infracture to the cloud. Technoduces info solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading cloud migration service provider, helping you with the migration. Our cloud migration service includes migrating app, data, software, workloads, and other legacy infrastructure across different cloud platforms (ASW, Azure, Google Cloud). We help you build a cloud migration strategy, optimizing the IT infrastructure and thereby help in digital transformation. We have highly skilled professionals, who help in cloud migration service.

Now digital transformation made effortless with our expert cloud migration service. Technoduces ensures simpler, smarter and faster workload migration. We help to overcome the challenges in traditional migration.We help organizations across various industries such as banking, healthcare, educational, retail, manufacturing, financial, etc. We enable moving of heavy workloads to cloud with high security, flexibility, scalability and optimized cost. We offer complete cloud migration service to enable successful transition to public,private or hybrid cloud. We help you define a roadmap, strategize, and execute a journey to cloud.

Our cloud migration service includes

  • Infrastructure migration

    Technoduces helps you move your on premise data, application and other business processes to the cloud. Get your IT infrastructure to deploy into location. It ensures secured and well maintained cloud infrastructure.

  • Platform migration

    Our skilled developer has in depth experience with platform migration. This platform migration is a crucial process which involves migration to a new platform without incurring the loss of data. Migration done with high reliability.

  • Application migration

    We use open source cloud migration tools to move your application to load fast. This application migration process helps in improving the performance. Overall it bridges the gaps between the technologies.

  • Data migration

    We help you move to a more secure and robust cloud database. Allowing to access and collect critical data. Thereby helps to deliver a secured and smooth cloud migration process. You can easily move digital operations into the cloud.

cloud migration service

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

  • Better storage
  • Flexibility
  • Faster set up
  • Less maintenance
  • Maximum uptime
  • Competitiveness
  • Automation of task
  • Quick deployment
  • Integration
  • Cost effective
  • Easy access
  • Scalability

How do we work?

  • Planning

    The first step includes planning a cloud migration strategy by understanding the scope.

  • Framework

    Then we create a secured infrastructure including policy rules.

  • Installation & migration

    Then we start implementing the changes and migrating to cloud.

  • Testing & deployment

    Then testing is conducted to ensure the migration is error free.

Why choose Technoduces for Cloud migration service?

  • Highly experienced cloud service engineer
  • Guarantees tangible business result
  • Achieve streamlined result
  • Help to grow competitive digital platform
  • Collaborative, transparent & communicative approach
  • Speed up your ROI

Want to get your cloud migration?

Get in touch with our certified cloud professional to assist you with cloud migration from planning to deployment. Contact us to transfer your workloads to the cloud.

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