Toji is one of the leading FMCG manufacturing and wholesale distributing company ‌in Saudi Arabia. Toji’s customers include online marketplaces, mom-and-pop stores, hyper/supermarkets, and the hospitality industry. They wanted to connect and manage their customers on the digital platform. We developed a customized online ordering system that will facilitate mom-and-pop, large stores to carry out bulk orders by utilizing the web and mobile applications. It helps to streamline B2B sales and manages vendors effectively. This application contains a web frontend for stores and vendors, a web backend for admin, and mobile apps for stores and drivers on Android, iPhone, Android Tab, and iPad.

The Challenges

Toji intended to use contemporary digital technology to support the traditional industrial sectors. They aimed to serve as the B2B marketplace where retailers and wholesalers could interact. In order to realize their aim of up-scaling the conventional industry sector, they got in touch with Technoduce.

Business Challenge

Toji faced various issues managing customer store orders, quantity, and delivery time. They met a lack of communication between retailers, wholesalers, and the company. They don’t have a centralized customer database to provide offers and discounts to maintain a solid customer reputation.

Technical Challenge

We faced many technical challenges while developing the Toji application. The critical problem was maintaining track of product inventory and delivery routes to ensure that shops could continue to place orders for the goods despite high demand. Another difficulty was adding multilingual support to the website and apps so that users could experience using it in their own language.

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The Solutions

Technoduce worked its powerful B2B eCommerce marketplace solution, Toji Marketplace to deliver a seamless adventure to the end consumers. With a feature-rich and instinctive website, store/vendor panel, and administrator panel, the marketplace allows full control over the online selling platform. Toji marketplace solution fulfilled the proper marketplace needs of the client regarding store/vendor management, product catalog management, order and inventory management, vouchers management, payments, and transactions management. We used Tableau Software for interactive data visualization to understand the business reports and records easily. For fulfilling the additional requirements of the client below are some components which were developed on top of the Toji marketplace application:

B2B grocery app user

App For Users (Store)

  • Register as store
  • Entering the business details with contact information
  • Detect location using Google location for delivery by mentioning the address
  • Today offered products and recommended products will be displayed
  • Search for product - by name and by barcode scanner
  • Ordering requesting with quantity (Unit Conversion) that will be added to cart page
  • Various payment methods like Stripe, and Credit/Debit cards
  • Communicate with administrators through live chat
  • My orders (it will display complete ordered products with pricing details)
  • Tracking order status (Accepted, Canceled, Delivered, Pending, On-Process)
  • Ordered history (It displays the previously ordered products with cost details)
  • Return order request - they could return placed and received products in this
  • History of loyalty points and wallets(Recharge/Refund)
  • Refunded orders with the amount and product details
  • Wish-list an item from the listing page
  • Call back request options for stores. And stores can drop their feedback and reviews.

App For Vendors

  • User-friendly dashboard for vendors to understand business data and reports
  • Vendors can add and manage sub admins with roles and permissions to access
  • Vendors can add unlimited branches in this application
  • Manageable tools to control items/products, with category/sub-category, stock details, and also managing orders and the status of that orders
  • Vendors can manage the returned goods from stores (user)
  • Details analytical reports that can be generated monthly or weekly wise.

App For Drivers

  • Orders management (drivers can manage incoming orders and assigned orders).
  • Route navigation to pick up the goods from vendors and deliver the products to stores .
  • The delivery boy can check the payment type and get the digital signature from the store
B2B ecommerce multi vendor app
B2B grocery app

App For Admin

  • User-friendly dashboard with short reports about the received and delivered orders
  • Reports can be generated by month or weekly along with custom dates
  • Manage sub-admin roles and permissions management
  • Manage stores that can be viewed, edited, remove and change any store details such as business name, office details, owner information, delivery address and contact details, trade license number
  • Admin can view and manage vendor's details and drivers
  • Manage item categories and subcategories
  • Admin can view, edit, and update product items, and also that can be set with minimum and maximum quantity value for each product
  • Admin can able to update the stock information of the quantity of the items against a vendor)
  • Admin can view and manage canceled orders, delivered orders, pending orders,
  • Managing validated and non-validated stores - validated stores
  • Admin can manage coupons, offers, and promotions, along with loyalty programs
  • Push notification - admin or vendor can able to send personalized push notifications to stores.

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The Toji marketplace is now one of the finest at offering buyers a local language experience. It is the most effective and flexible solution to satisfy their B2B consumer needs. Their consumers in the industrial sector benefited from a comprehensive set of notable characteristics and a customer-driven channel.

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