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Handy clone app - A perfect solution for On-demand home service

We are an on-demand home service app development company offering on demand home service software application for startups and enterprises businesses. Do you wish to run your business like Handyman, Taskrabbit, Handy, Thumbtack, etc? We offer a complete end to end solution based on your business needs. Does your business offer multiple services or single service, we are ready to provide you on demand local and home service booking software systems. The on demand home service software app similar to handyman clone, handy clone, taskrabbit clone, thumbtack clone, etc helps to connect your customers and local service providers at a single platform. It's all in one portal where users can easily search for service providers at one place. Get your app like handy or handyman to start your online marketplace business now!

Ready to launch your own on demand home service application like Handy clone?

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Get custom developed on demand home service application for your business

Our on demand local service booking application is applicable for any kind of home services such as

  • Home Cleaning & Repairs

    Make it easy for your customers to book for home services such as home cleaning, plumber, electrical, carpenters, & painter from our Taskrabbit clone.

  • Tuition Centers

    Allow your students to book for various tuition such as English, Maths, Science, History, Social, Geography, etc from our Handyman clone software.

  • Home Appliances

    Bring all home appliances such as a table, chair, sofa, bed, wardrobe, & machines under a single platform for your customer to buy in a single app.

  • Construction things

    Our Handyman clone script is suitable for selling construction materials to your customers. The materials include cable, wire, screw, bolt, & cement.

  • Health

    Our Taskrabbit clone script can be used in the health sector as well such as gym trainer, yoga trainer, dietician, pediatrician, etc all under single platform.

  • Wedding Service

    Want your customer to find various wedding services in a single app. The services includes make up, saree draping, photo shoot, etc.

  • AC and Fridge Servicing

    Our Handyman clone script is a better platform to manage all repair services such as AC repair, fridge repair, & washing machine repair.

  • Packing and Moving

    Looking for an online software for package and moving materials service support. Our Handyman clone software makes easy for your customers.

  • Yard work and removal

    Get all yard work and removal support in one place. Our support service includes plating preparation, pest control service, & other maintenance.

App we provide for an on demand home service software

Our application comes from three major components for admin, customer and service provider application

How does on demand home service software application work in simple?

  • Customers will look for the professional, local service via application software. Customers can book for the services which they need via app.
  • The service provider will receive a quick notification on the customer’s service booking request. The service provider can either accept or cancel the order.
  • Once accepted, the service provider will offer the services at the customer's place. Once canceled. Customers can look for other other service providers.
  • Finally customers can provide their ratings and feedback on the service providers profile.
  • Admin gets commission on every order booked by the customers.

Why choose our on demand home service software?

If you want to start an on-demand handy service app platform with the perfect clone script app solution, this is the place to be. We have ideal solutions that include a fully customizable app and a high level of code, design, and app functionality versatility. You can launch your own local service booking application any time with our Handyman clone software system.


  • Customizable

    Our handyman clone software offers a customizable solution for your business. Any new features or upgradation of features can be done by you on the later stage too. Thus we provide tailor-made software according to your business needs.

  • White-label solution

    We offer white label solutions app, so it helps businesses thrive in a short time. We are ready to provide you our Handyman clone software for one time payment. We provide with admin back end panel, customer app and a vendor app.

  • Fully source code

    Our on demand home service booking software is ready to use software. We provide you the complete Handyman clone / Taskrabbit clone software with 100% source code. Offering you the complete end to end solution for your business.

  • Perfect app designing

    We provide you a perfect home service booking app with a lively end to end user friendly application. Our Handyman clone provides an interactive solution for your any online home service booking application system.

  • Multi language & currency

    Our taskrabbit clone / Handyman clone software can be deployed on multiple languages and currencies. Our local home service booking supports any language or currencies, this makes your application reach globally without any barrier.

  • Go Mobile

    Your Taskrabbit clone/handyman clone supports on mobile platforms (Android & iOS). With just one click on local home service booking software, your customer can take up the service any time from anywhere. Contact us for the Handyman clone demo.

  • Easy Support

    We provide complete 3 months support and maintenance after the delivery of the Handyman clone project. We are also ready to upgrade new features and do customization according to your business at a later stage as well.

  • Responsive design

    Our on demand local service booking software offers responsive design for apps. Our Handyman clone / Taskrabbit clone software is compatible on both the web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). Check our Home service app demo.

  • Solution driven

    Our main aim is to offer a complete solution rather than providing just an app. We provide solutions for various business sectors such as home cleaning & repair, tuition center, home appliance, weeding service, construction service, etc.

Features you find in our on demand service booking application software

Every application solution included within the simple Handy App Clone ensures that the web console provides the best support.

  • Easy registration

    Our on demand home service booking software involves a simple registration process, allowing customers to login any time from anywhere.

  • Social media login

    Customers can sign up using a social media account instead of gmail id. This allows them to have easy login via social channels.

  • Category and Subcategories

    Admin and vendors can add any number of categories and subcategories from Handyman clone admin back end software system.

  • List view

    Based on the customer search profiles are listed in our Handyman clone software, which can be filtered or sorted on any order.

  • Schedule

    The customer can choose the services in our Handyman software and schedule the service whenever they need.

  • In app chat

    In app chat feature in our handy clone software, allows your customers and services provider to get in touch within the application via chat.

  • Cancellation

    The customers as well as service providers can request for cancellation of their service any time with valid reasons.

  • Profile details

    Each service provider is provided with their complete profile details with profile pics, images, description, customers feedbacks, etc.

  • Reviews & ratings

    Your customers can offer reviews and ratings on home service booking software based on the service provided by the service providers.

  • Quick notification

    On any service request or cancellation, a quick notification is sent to the service providers & admin regarding the customers updates.

  • Analytical reports

    Our Handy clone software provides in depth insight into their home service business and reports can be tracked any time from anywhere.

  • Live tracking

    Admin can track the status of requests based on the services, whether the status is progress or delayed can be known.

  • Invoice

    The details of the service provided to the customer along with its charges are noted here under invoice. Providing complete details.

  • Commission

    In our Handyman clone software, admin’s commission and vendors’s payments can be tracked separately from backend.

  • Wallets

    Your customer is provided with an online wallet system in Handyman clone, where you customers can pay for the service via wallets.

  • Booking history

    In our home service booking software, complete booking history can be viewed by the customers from the mobile app.

  • Promo code/referral

    These promo code / referral features help you to market your software, attract your customers and build long term relationships.

  • COD or Online payment

    Our online local service booking software feature allows customers to pay COD (Cash on delivery) or online payments.

Ready to build your own online local service booking software application?

The demand for these kinds of home service apps like Handy, TaskRabbit, Handyman, etc will never lay down.

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