About the Company: JLL

Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated is a global commercial real estate services firm specializing in commercial property and investment management, providing services for real estate owners, occupiers, and investors worldwide. They established JLL in the year of 1999 based in the United Kingdom and it is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries, and a global workforce of over 98,000 as of December 31, 2021.


They partnered with us to create a system that would allow a large premise panel to manage all micro-level interaction and complaint-related details effectively. At the same time, Several users can access the system at different levels. It facilitates communication between corporate employees, administrators, and management staff.

It allows company employees to file complaints on the platform, which are delivered to all members who are involved in the concern. It automatically assigned complaints to the appropriate members. This method assists management in tracking complaints at all levels, receiving reliable updates on the complaint, and taking corrective actions.

The Challenge

JLL wants to develop a Helpdesk and ticketing system for teams to manage, and track internal complaints and requests from their staff. That should be the centralized platform to manage all the requests from different departments and also from different branches/countries.

  • This system's main function was to handle user complaints and assist them in carrying out all procedures as smoothly as possible. Complaints are allocated and managed using criteria such as status and priority.
  • Clients desired a system that could perform with ease of communication because this system contains various users with diverse sets of functionalities.
  • Replacing the manual Service desk module with Helpdesk software that is automated. Improve the transparency and accountability of complaint requests and support functions.
  • Data is at the heart of the Helpdesk Management System. The client required that all helpdesk data be properly kept, processed, and maintained.
  • The expectations and needs of end consumers were high, and they wanted speedier service. There is no centralized help desk to handle complaints from many nations.
  • Provide a common help desk platform for resolving product/goods issues and complaints while also improving governance.

The Solutions

A key to success is to provide a simple and engaging measure for the seamless operation of the app, with a consistent layout on both the Android and iOS platforms. We picked swift technology for the iPhone version and Java for the Android devices, which includes the integration of API services in DotNET to create a robust and secure platform. We created a bespoke communication platform that is easily accessible to any device to ensure that everyone is updated about the progress of their ticket.

  • We have structured the complaint flow in such a way that all associated users receive filtered information that will assist them in taking further action.
  • Our services were simple to use, time-saving, and reliable, with many ITIL best practices available right out of the box.
  • Ticketing management that is centralized and automated. The Technoduce team redesigned the portals and catalogs.
  • Previously, users had difficulty performing their requests; now, with our new Integrated Software Solution, they can complete these activities quickly and efficiently.
  • ITIL procedures such as Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Catalog, Portfolio Management, Service Level Management, and Business Automation Workflows were used to provide information services for automated processes in the internal office setting.
  • Implemented continuous monitoring and ITIL-based processes while investigating root causes and resolving issues that result in recurrent events.


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