Launch your own on demand multi service delivery software for food, grocery, medicine, etc like Dunzo, Grab, Gojek clone

Build your own demand multi-service delivery app in a single solution with exquisite features

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Get an app similar to Dunzo, Grab, Gojek clone script for on demand multiple service systems.

Looking to develop your own on-demand multi service ordering and delivery app like Dunzo clone, Gojek clone, Grab clone, clone? We do provide a reliable on-demand multi service delivery application that helps to manage all of your services on a single platform. We offer on demand mobile app development for any delivery service. Our on demand multi service app is suitable for food, grocery, alcohol, medicine, gifting, flower delivery, laundry, courier delivery, hardware related & handyman services etc. Technoduces info solution offers a ready-made solution to kick start your on demand multi service business. We do offer a customizable solution, so you can upgrade or enhance the features and functionality in on demand mobile app development.

With the help of this Dunzo clone or Grab, Gojek clone script you can control the enter multi service business in a single platform. One of the biggest advantages of using Dunzo, Grab, Gojek clone script is that, your customer need not have to install multiple apps, they get multi service delivered on a single platform. This will not only enhance your managing delivery service but it also increases your business revenue and makes you a leading company in the delivery service industry. Why wait? Contact us to build on demand multi service application support on both web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS). In this multi service on demand app, you can add as many services as you want. Fulfill your customers needs with our Dunzo, Grab, Gojek clone script.

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Our on demand multi service delivery app similar to Dunzo, Grab, Gojek clone script enables to integrate all on demand services offering under a single platform. Let your customer use your one app for all the services such as food, grocery, pharmacy, other delivery items, etc. Our on demand multi service delivery app offers rich features making it easy for your customers to order with just one click. Looking to build on demand multi service apps like Gojek, Grab, Dunzo clone?

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Our on demand Multi service app development deliverables

  • Customer app

    We provide online web and mobile apps to make an order easy for customers to access and get what they want.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Manage and control your entire business process with tracking of revenue, order & every operation in a single place with Gojek clone.

  • Vendor app

    Give your vendors power to manage their business, so the vendor can easily access his/her account from the app in a single tap.

  • Delivery app

    Build a driver app to manage your deliveries, efficiently. Every order delivered in time at a right place.

muli service app

Build your own on-demand multi ordering and delivery app for any business today

Why choose our on demand multi service ordering and delivery solution for your business? Similar to Dunzo, Grab, Gojek clone

Multi Service On Demand App


  • User friendly

    We provide you with an app that is fast, user-friendly UI and smoothly navigable solution

  • Based on your needs

    We build and deliver all the features you need for your business in the best possible way

  • Secured and support

    We build reliable with most secured platforms, and also give you all the support and guidance you require, both pre and post-launch

  • Complete source code

    We provide complete source code, So your team can make the any enhancements they want

  • Own brand name

    We know that your company's brand is important, so you will be getting on demand multi service apps in your own logos and name.

  • Multi languages/payment

    Our Dunzo clone script lets you choose any of the multi languages and payment gateways for your business.

Endless benefits of owning an on-demand multi services delivery app

There are a lot of industries in the market that are providing on-demand multi product delivery service to their customers, it offers a variety of delivery services with the use of a single app solution.Since the introduction of this application, it has become very popular due to its ease use and comfort offers

  • Customers can use professional and delivery services in one place.
  • Users do not need to fill their smartphones with apps for every service they need. They can download one on demand multi service app.
  • They can use the same one app for all services, so the cost is lower compared to using a single service providers app.
  • Our on demand multi service app provides seamless navigations and multi options with a comfortable friendly app to the users.
  • Consumers can get their hands on such service with a few touches on using their smartphone apps.
  • Generates huge revenues and profits on earning commissions for every delivery service offered.

Key features you find in our on demand multi service application

  • Dashboard
  • Easy general settings
  • Manage multi services
  • Manage products/services
  • Manage categories/subcategories
  • Manage orders
  • Manage deliveries
  • Manage customers
  • Manage vendors
  • Manage delivery areas
  • Push notifications
  • Manage multi currency
  • Payment & SMS gateway
  • Newsletter
  • Loyalty program
  • Access control
  • CMS and activity logs
  • Social media links
  • Feedbacks and reviews
  • Reports
  • Language settings
  • User profile
  • Choose service
  • Sort and filters by service
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Orders/service history
  • Order status
  • Live tricking
  • Wallet
  • Payment methods
  • Easy checkout
  • Profile
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Order/service history
  • Order/service status
  • Manage service/products
  • Manage vouchers
  • Manage delivery time
  • Push notifications
  • Ratings
  • Profile
  • Driver boy status (on/off)
  • Order status
  • Orders by vendors details
  • Incoming orders
  • Rejected orders
  • GPS navigation
  • Reports

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