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Technoduces ensures high quality & performance with software testing & QA service.

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Independent Quality Assurance and Software Testing Service Company

Technoduces info solutions Pvt Ltd., Software quality assurance services will assist you in gaining solid control over your product's life cycle, monitoring each development stage, and providing you with reliable product quality data. Our QA experts have been ensuring efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world's largest organizations for over a decade, assisting in the delivery of reliable software on time, utilizing the latest methods and technologies. Our forward-thinking and inventive strategy removes errors, improves overall cycle time, and reduces defects.

We provide a comprehensive range of human and automated testing services that adhere to standard quality assurance for best practices and processes while keeping clients' specific requirements in mind. Our devoted team of competent QA engineers performs high-quality QA testing to ensure that our software solutions are trustworthy, scalable, and robust.

Some of the software testing & QA services include

We provide a full range of software quality assurance services. You get reliable, trouble-free software that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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Software quality assurance and Testing services

Technoduces offers a testing solution for any platform such as web, desktop, and mobile apps. Our testers ensure to deliver quality service and offers high customer satisfaction.

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  • Desktop

    Our quality assurance with a desktop tester who thoroughly tests the complete architecture of the software product. Some of the desktop software testings we provide are functionality testing, backend testing, compatibility testing, etc.

  • Web

    We offer testing services for web platforms right from SaaS to a cloud-based solution. We offer testing services for different types of web application products. Some of the web-based testings we provide include interface testing, performance testing, security testing, etc.

  • Mobile

    We check for the quality, usability, security, and compatibility solution for the mobile platforms. Some of the mobile tests we offer are performance testing, load testing, compatible testing, security testing, mobile device testing, etc.

Here you go our software testing service flow as

Quality control and quality management services

We assist in the definition of quality goals, then extensively investigate each one and recommend a set of actions to improve the quality of your software so that it fulfills its performance criteria. "A solution that properly suits the client's business objectives" is what quality means in our delivery methodology.

  • Manual Testing:

    During manual testing, our quality assurance team examines your product's performance across a variety of devices, as well as its user interface and accessibility. Manual testing aids in the detection of vulnerabilities that aren't detectable automatically, as well as providing personalized input on the look and feel of your product.

  • Automated Testing

    Automated testing is a long-term investment in your product's success. It covers all potential software functionality situations and then tests the software's performance on several platforms at the same time. You can shorten your time-to-market and provide a faultless service to your consumers by combining manual and automated testing.

Ecommerce app evelopment company

Quality assurance tools & technology stack

We use the best industry tools and software sets to test your web and mobile applications,

Tools Technology
Automated tools Java, TestNG, JS, Spring boot, Swift, Appium, Apache, SQLserver, JSON, MongoDB, XSS, .NET
Manual tools Jira, Test Rail, Test link, Postman, OWASP, BURPSUITE, W3sf
Web platform Selenium, Katalon Test studio, Nightwatch.js
Mobile Appium, Katalon test studio
API Testing Rest assured, Postman

Why choose Technoduces for the QA software testing service?

Technoduces offers quality management across various domains as

We've built comprehensive testing processes and practices targeted to your individual business goals, based on our experience in various industries. Whatever industry you're in, we'll make sure your consumers get the finest solution for their needs.

  • Healthcare

  • Real estate

  • Banking

  • Finance

  • Ecommerce

  • Education

  • Oil & gas

  • Logistics

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