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  • Monthly basis

    You can hire our developers on a monthly contract basis according to the project requirement.

  • Long term basis

    You can hire our developer on a long term basis or dedicatedly depending on the project requirement.

  • Custom model

    Now you can hire any employee either onshore or offshore based, full time or part time as per your wish on any custom plan.

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Why hire MEAN stack developer from Technoduces?

  • 10+ Years of experience

    Our MEAN stack developers are highly experienced and have complete knowledge on MEAN stack.

  • 100% Confidentiality

    Once you share your project ideas, we provide an NDA signed document before starting the project.

  • Transparency guaranteed

    We regularly provide project status details weekly via Skype, mail, call, etc to keep you updated on status.

MEAN stack
  • MEAN stack Guaranteed output

    Hiring our skilled MEAN stack developer in India for your project will guarantee you outstanding output.

  • MEAN stack Free consultation

    Once you share your project ideas, our MEAN stack expertise provides free consultation on project implementation.

  • Flexible MEAN stack engagement model

    Hire MEAN stack developer in India on flexible engagement model either full time or part time (weekly / monthly basis).

What we offer when you hire our MEAN stack developer

MEAN Technology stack

Tools Technology
APIs Facebook API, Instagram API, YouTube API, Spotify API, Apple Music API, Google API, Jira REST API, GitHub API, SoundCloud API
UI Framework Material UI, Angular Bootstrap
Database MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB
Tools Slack, Jira, GitHub, Trello

In Depth comparative analysis:
Technoduces hiring model Vs Freelance

Process analysis Technoduces hiring model Freelance
Time taken to get right MEAN stacck developer 1 day - 3 days 1 - 12 weeks
Project discussion 1 day - 1 week 1 - 5 weeks
Project confidentiality Guaranteed Not guaranteed
Signing NDA NDA signed NDA not signed
Time to start project 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 5 weeks
Project failure risk Extremely low Very high
Dedicated resource Yes No
Quality of work Yes Uncertain
Tools & professional infrastructure Yes Uncertain
Team size Junior developer, Senior developer, Project manager,
Manager, Tester Admin team & Support team
Only 1 developer
If any critical task / problem resolving Escalated to Senior resource/PM for support All alone solved
Deployment process IT Team handles Only 1 developer handles
Support and maintenance Provide 1 month free support & maintenance Uncertain
Company Trust 100% Guaranteed No guarantee
Legal company registration Yes company registered & served 10+ years in IT industry Individual, No legal registration
Project decision making Team discussion willbe done and decided All alone decided

Technoduces hiring model

Technoduces developer hiring model

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Key benefits of hiring our MEAN stack developer

  • Get dedicated resource on demand
  • Trusted and skilled developers
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible to hire our developers
  • Direct communication with developers
  • Weekly status update

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Frequently asked questions about mean stack development

What are the steps to hiring a MEAN stack developer?

i)Start the hiring process with a clear job description
ii)Shortlist developers based on the project needs
iii)Conduct interviews to better understand their portfolio
iv)Hire a developer as per your choice

How much does it cost to hire a MEAN stack developer?

TThe cost of hiring a MEAN stack developer depends on business requirements, project Complexity, technology, framework, team size, location of the developer, etc.

How much time will it take to develop the MEAN stack project?

What are the Advantages of hiring a MEAN stack developer from technoduces?

What are the Advantages of hiring a MEAN stack developer from technoduces?

Some of the major advantages of hiring MEAN stack developer from us are we have skilled Developer who has in-depth knowledge of MEAN development, on-time delivery, flexible hiring Model, functional code with a scalable solution, well versed with security and data protection.

How does MEAN stack increase the value of your business?

MEAN stack provides advanced features which make development fast and easy. The reusability of software components, cost-reduction, and much more increase the value of the Business.

What can our mean stack developer do for you?

MEAN stack developers build websites using a collection of four distinctive JavaScript technologies. Our developer delivers high-quality web and mobile applications for your business.

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