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Node js web app development

Node js is a new open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side web application. Although it's not JavaScript framework many of its basic modules are written in JavaScript. It has an event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O. Node js suitable to use in Chat based application because it is the most real-time with multi user application.

Frameworks in Node js

  • Express.js - Web development framework for Node js.
  • Connect - Extensible HTTP server framework for Node js.
  • SockJS - Server-side component.
  • Mongojs - MongoDB wrappers to provide the API for MongoDB.
NodeJS Development

Features of Node js for real-time application development

  • Real-time applications

    Real-time synchronisation web applications shared with multiple devices.

  • Non-blocking I/O system

    It uses to process multiple requests concurrently so can be faster request and response.

  • Data streaming

    We can develop data streaming applications for video and audio streaming.

  • Server side rendering

    Provides only real and dynamic data from server side rendering.

  • Scalable performance

    It fits well for microservices architecture, which in turn ensures better flexibility and performance.

  • REST interface

    REST provides superior performance, particularly through caching for information that’s not altered and not dynamic.

Benefits of using Node js for web app development

  • Node js allows building fast and scalable network application, which is capable of handling any number of connections with high throughput.
  • NPM is a Node js Package manager, which comes default with every Node js installation. It avoids version conflicts and keeps the package separate from another project.
  • Node js performs multiple concurrent connections with multiple users over a real-time application.
  • HTTP and TCP protocol functions well with overall loading time and web performance.
  • A perfect real-time application with low-level API and easy installation process.

Node js development services

  • Thousands of libraries.
  • Robust client-app communication.
  • Front & back-end development.
  • Faster development process.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Highly secured.
  • Inexpensive development cycle.

FAQ for Node js development

What kind of applications can you create using Node js?

Node js can be used in many kinds of applications. They are a powerful and robust open source platform. Real time chats, Single page apps, ridesharing apps, and remote collaboration tools.

Why should we use Node js for creating web apps?

Node js is not simply a library or framework. It is a liberated runtime environment. They are commonly used for web app frameworks, Embedded systems, and data streaming applications.

What are the causes for the popularity of Node js?

Node js development has become very prevalent in the last four years. The main reason for its popularity. It is a javascript everywhere, lightning-fast, lightweight, and High performance.

How do I make a node js service?

Node js is a medium constructed on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily creating fast and scalable web applications. Node. js utilizes an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that drives it lightweight and efficient.

How to start the node js service?

Before you start the Node js service you need to do something. construct a Node js web app in azure. Set up your initial environment. Create your Node js application.

How to pick the best node js development company?

Now a days Node js is getting more popular. While choosing your dream projects in node js. You must see the developer's portfolio, read customer reviews, and budget.

Do you outsource node js development company services?

Absolutely Yes we do. Look at the things to consider when you are planning to outsource your node js development service NDA, Experience, costing, and reputation.

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