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Angular development service

Angular is a structural open source JavaScript framework which is maintained by Google. This MVW (Model-View-Whatever) based front-end framework is appropriated to develop dynamic web apps using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to overcome the development challenges of single page applications.

  • Angular enhance HTML with new attributes.
  • Angular is ideal for Single Page Applications (SPAs).
  • Customized product dashboard.
  • Real–Time web /mobile applications using Angular,
Angular Development

Outstanding features involves Angular for web development

  • Two-way data binding

    Synchronization between the model and the view.

  • MVC architecture

    Implement MVC for an effective web application.

  • Dynamic & Agile solutions

    We follow the agile methodology for the whole application.

  • Inline templates

    For faster component initialization.

  • Directives & Filters

    Access the variables and function from the controllers.

  • Clear synchronization

    Auto synchronizes between Model and DOM.

  • REST friendly application framework

    Flexible and faster for web service APIs.

  • Ease testing and e2e testing environment

    End to end testing for better application.

Benefits of Angular for UI development

  • Dynamic web application development.
  • Application migration services.
  • User interactive module development.
  • Custom widgets development.
  • Multiple platforms (web, mobile, native desktop and native mobile app).
  • Progressive web apps.
  • Code splitting.
  • Desktop apps (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • Angular CLI.

Why most of the companies are using Angular?


Angular offers much more flexible than the basic HTML, concede anyone to create a single application and simple development & testing stages for a fast and secure website.


Angular is extremely extendable and also works with a variety of libraries which means you can customize your workflow to meet your exact requirements.

  • High-quality services with transparency.
  • Affordable & secure development.
  • Write less code.

Angular web app development process

Why choose Technoduces as an Angular development?

  • One stop solution for all Angular needs.
  • We have an expertise team in Angular, familiar with all the frameworks.
  • We are specialized in high-quality browser-based application development.
  • Active support & maintenance.
  • Predictability and consistency in our services.
  • Our team of professionals assures that we broaden the scope of services we provide to our clients.
  • End to End service.

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