Project Overview

Our client felt the need to find a solution to address the parking shortage in the client's neighborhood (Irving, Texas, USA) and also provide the best solutions for the customer to find their parking place easily. When he was looking for dependable software development providers, he came across Technoduce and gave us his project specifications. We gathered all the details, and our crew started working on it. The major purpose of the parking app was to allow drivers to accomplish everything in as few touches as possible — search-book-pay-park-rate. If users want to pay with cash, every space should contain a Unique QR code, which they can scan whenever they enter. They should offer the payment in both cash and cashless forms, while the cashless payment is, of course, far more comfortable.

We're sure you're aware of how difficult it can be to get a parking spot in a congested downtown area. It's especially hard when you don't know whether there are any parking spaces available in that area or have to leave the area and find another one.

Our client wants to take care of this and assist people in saving time. Technoduce was tasked with developing a parking system for its customers. It thrilled us to begin work on a new project, and now we'd want to discuss the intricacies of the development process as well as the challenges we encountered.

The company had a startup plan in developing a parking app that would allow individuals to find and reserve a parking spot in advance. The client is mostly concerned with parking lot owners to give the ability to observe and monitor parking places and deliver real-time data as needed. Some of our most cherished customers are Universities, Smart Cities, and Shopping Malls.

parking management system

The Challenge

The biggest obstacle to overcome was the problem of finding parking spaces and a limited number of spaces. However, when our team dug further into the parking issue, we discovered that this was not the only issue the client wanted to solve.

Apart from the ambiguity of a parking spot, scheduling a parking time, and booking it, many drivers experience issues such as being unable to park a particular vehicle type (overly large vehicle or vehicle for disabled people), lack of precise traffic information, and restricted parking services. When we looked at the market and current apps, we saw they lacked some features provided.

Booking with time management

There are issues with booking. When the Technoduce team considered the booking feature and how it would work, we ran into a scheduling issue. If you reserved a position for 3 hours from 12.30 pm to 3.30 p.m. and don't have enough time to get your car, other users may have already reserved this spot at 15.30.

And if the user comes into the parking lot and discovers that the space is already used, they will be enraged and perplexed. To avoid such scenarios, the system should award bonuses to such consumers and automate re-booking at a nearby location. We thought about it. As a result, delayed cars who did not extend their parking period would be fined.

Congestion and scheduling issues

Another issue we had to address ensured that information concerning traffic bottlenecks and travel time was synced. If you need to book a place in 30 minutes and are 20 minutes away from the parking lot, but there are traffic jams on your path, the system will alert you will not be able to make it and that you must adjust your booking time. As a result, we recognized the flaws in existing applications and devised a method to improve the new parking app's robustness and utility for drivers. Our parking app will allow drivers to schedule a slot and share their vehicle's location, mark sites as favorites, and get real-time traffic statistics.

The Solutions

Our business analysts and software architects outlined the best framework for the parking management system at the start of the project. They revised the functional requirements and created a comprehensive product vision, as well as a roadmap for its development. The Technoduce team mapped the requirements onto the technology landscape after the strategies were mutually finalized.

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The client could execute the solution in a fast and intended manner since Technoduce made sure that the deliverables arrived on schedule and were in excellent condition. They implemented the technology in 30+ vehicle parking facilities in Texas within a few months of its inception. The client was really pleased with the way Technoduce carried out its vision, and they have plans to enhance the system in the future. Over 10,000 vehicles have been assessed with 98.99 percent accuracy using the app.

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