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Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated is a global commercial real estate services firm specializing in commercial property and investment management, providing services for real estate owners, occupiers, and investors worldwide. They established JLL in the year of 1999 based in the United Kingdom and it is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries, and a global workforce of over 98,000 as of December 31, 2021.

Project Overview

JLL wants to develop an e-Permit-to-work software system to replace a paper-based Permit to Work method. This PTW software has key features like isolation management, permit tracker, job hazard analysis, and electronic authorization.

The Challenge

Upon reliance on paperwork to establish permit-to-work procedures, JLL was in search of a digitized PTW solution that would simplify processes and integrate the system for all their plant's systems for all plans.

  • The previous system was outdated and relied on a paper-based system with many complex sub-procedures within a single frame.
  • The work to permit life-cycle was pre-determined, and the system featured multiple equipment isolations.
  • A detailed description of the work, including the location of the work, the tools and equipment used, and the work procedures to be used. Other documents, such as hazard identification and risk analyzes, method reports, isolated lists, maps, or sketches, should be attached frequently with permission, according to the description.
  • They needed the new system to work with the one they already had. The current system would create the notifications, which would then need to be acknowledged in the e-PTW system for further processing.
  • The client needed software that was easy to use. Because they were part of the operations department, most of the people who were supposed to use the application didn't have enough time. As a result, the platform had to be user-friendly from the start.
ework permit software

The Solutions

The permission to work (PTW) system is an important component of a safe work environment. PTW is a structured record-keeping method that is used to organize and implement potential hazards activity. It incorporates involvement from all levels of management and contractors.

ework permit system
  • The Technoduce request gathering team and the technical team met with the customer to get a clear understanding of the needs and to assess the overall scenario.
  • Technoduce smoothed out these procedures after multiple brainstorming sessions and technical and professional participation, resulting in a specific scope.
  • It was critical to have a tailored solution as E-Signatures because the initial paper-based operations involved several sophisticated sub-processes within a single frame.
  • The e-PTW platform was designed and developed by the Technoduce team - that offered all the answers to the client's needs. The e-PTW software could reproduce the paper-based system, which included submitting a permit request, tracking it throughout its life cycle, including the full range of HSE standards, and tracking the history of equipment isolation until the permit was closed.
  • Permits can be created, changed, deleted, and copied by users. Use a questionnaire to establish the permit type and risk level automatically and precisely.
  • Permits can be found using a variety of criteria, such as current status and associated location. They can suspend all permits with a single button click in the event of an emergency.
  • Our EHS experts made on-site visits and successfully trained the personnel involved.All the personnel taking part in the task explained the entire operation.
  • The 'Electronic System' streamlined an otherwise complex system while flawlessly achieving all of its objectives. As a result, the Technoduce team met all the clients' expectations.
ework permit application


The project's productivity has increased at its location because of a considerable reduction in permit cycle time and a transparent system that allows users to track the current status of all permits and related isolations.

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