About Mezzan Holding

Mezzan Holding KSC, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of food, beverage, FMCG, and pharmaceutical products in the Gulf, was established in the 1940s, operating with 5000+ employees in Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Mezzan has different ‌brands and subsidiary companies. We built an online grocery ordering and delivery application for Mezzan that is called Atsawag.

Project Overview

Mezzan teamed up with Technoduce to build an online grocery ordering and delivery platform that allows users to order retail goods online. Customers could buy local products through web and mobile applications, while delivery employees could organize and track deliveries through a mobile application.

How has Mohamed Shaalan benefited?

“ I was the Project manager for a retail store for our company. The application was our customer's main shopping method during the corona pandemic. The app was released in 3 months and had more than 1000 orders in the 1st week. They were very organized, supportive, and effective communicators“.

Project Manager at Mezzan Holding

Mohamed Shaalan

Project Manager at Mezzan Holding

The Challenge

The major goal was to create an e-commerce retail platform that would allow clients to place daily orders for goods. Customers would choose the delivery location, date, and time after picking up their groceries. The delivery of purchased products would be the final step in the procedure.

  • Navigation and user experience in the app must be in good.
  • In just four simple steps, customers will complete the order (sort & select, add, pay, and checkout).
  • When people buy something online, they don't have to pay extra for delivery or tipping.
  • Reduce the time it takes for a package to arrive.
  • Freely available recipe content is incorporated.
Grocery Delivery Software

The Solutions

Creating an exceptional mobile experience with an online grocery app. Providing an incredible user experience. At the same time by addressing the prospective audience–the ultimate weapon to combat the expanding competition.

We developed Atsawag complete web and mobile application within three months, despite there being many requirements that were required specifically for the client's region, including a specific date and time for pre-order options, payment gateway, live tracking, and integration with other third-party software.

Grocery Ordering App For Customers

It featured the following in an on-demand grocery app:

  • Checkout on a single page.
  • Easiest order management.
  • Content integration and administration are simple.
  • For a grocery shop website, the design and aesthetics are incredible, with the best user interaction.
  • Set up an online grocery store marketplace that is scalable, safe, and dependable.
  • Effortless product searching, sorting, and purchasing for customer
  • Product listing that is more optimized and automated, as well as order processing that is more flawless.
  • Buyers get a discount/offer based on a location.
  • Delivery processes that are both automated and manual.
  • It assists buyers with efficient product procurement.
  • Allow users to choose goods from a catalog of things.
  • On-the-go order notification and delivery management
  • Send push notifications for orders and delivery status.
  • Integration with Google map and Google analytics
  • Route optimization for drivers
  • The iOS and Android operating systems are supported.
Grocery Delivery App For Admin

Apps Screens We Provided


The goal was to reach the highest position in the online grocery business in Kuwait, and it achieved the goal, thanks to the concept of a digital solution, a convenient customized grocery web, and mobile application.

The personalized online grocery store platform acted as a one-stop-shop for customers, allowing them to buy from the convenience of their own homes using any e-device (computer, smartphone, or tablet).

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