Project Overview

SpeedySip is an online liquor ordering and delivery application that allows users to shop for the best local liquor in nearby stores, schedule alcohol delivery, or pick up and welcome the orders online. Users can use an online liquor app to search for their favorite beverages to get and pay online. One of the best on-demand liquor and wine delivery services in Michigan.


Technoduce got an opportunity to create an online beverage ordering app for SpeedySip, a leading retailer of wines and other alcoholic beverages in Michigan. Selling alcoholic beverages is a growing sector nowadays, so that can be a very profitable business and delivery made easy. We evaluated their requirements for an online ordering and delivery solution and developed a mobile app that complied with their requirements. They received a portable ordering app from Technoduce with excellent features for their customer service and delivery options that are easily accessible.

The Challenges

The client desired to build an online delivery service platform to provide wine, cider, beer, and spirits for their at an affordable cost. SpeedySip approached Technoduce after learning about our services through an online search and concluding that it could provide the required capabilities at a reasonable cost. TD evaluated their business goals and top priorities in order to create a customer-focused app.

  • Within the confines of regional liquor trading laws, they had to be able to deliver to their consumers in the Detroit, Michigan, area.
  • Integrating GPS with specific time prediction was the main hurdle in this app. It is difficult to account for the time needed to pick up an order and the route.
  • Using a trustworthy payment gateway to ensure that customers have no problems paying for their orders.
  • It was necessary to limit app usage and order based on the retail locations accessible to customers for delivery and pickup. Orders must only be accepted in a specific region.
  • To be effective, they must restrict delivery to specific hours in order to adhere to liquor legislation about permissible ordering times.
  • They sought in-app chat tools for communicating about consumer service difficulties, gathering feedback from users, and addressing complaints from consumers about problems with purchases or delivery because customer support was a top concern.
  • Based on the size of purchases, the app needs to determine shipping charges in an efficient manner.
Liquor delivery software

The Solutions

We developed an online alcohol delivery system that enables online liquor ordering for their users via mobile apps that help them ‌increase business growth and proftis. The liquor delivery app comes with various panels for customers, retailers, and delivery staff that have been established to accommodate a seamless user experience, while the admin panel enables the owners to manage the inventory, dealers, retail outlets, as well as customer information.

Liquor delivery application

Features Integrated

  • Easy Onboarding For Stores and Users
  • Institutive Dasbhard For Admin and Stores
  • Search and Filter Options For Users
  • Various Online Payment Methods
  • Live Order and Delivery Tracking
  • Offers and Promotions
  • Push Notifications From Admin/Vendors
  • Easy Route Navigation For Drivers
  • Availability Toggle For Stores/Drivers
  • Managing Large Inventories
  • Commission Fee Set Up
  • Review and Feedback System
  • Reports and Analytics
  • CMS and Page Settings

Some Additional Features

  • Getting the user's current location — using Google Place API to retrieve the primary fields like a city street, etc., and then creating a form for the street address.
  • Show customers' liquor stores in their precise delivery area.
  • Customers can place their orders easily through the web or mobile apps
  • Order scheduling and pickup options for customers
  • Advanced management tools to manage orders, vendors, customers, and delivery staff along with items, category/sub-categories, etc.,
  • Real-time order tracking for users and route optimization for delivery staff
  • Integrated with various payment methods, and Google maps, the Google analytics tool
alcohol delivery management system


When the app was developed, they divided the launch into two phases: a beta version so the client can test it, and then only a public launch for users. The customer felt confident enough to deploy the app fully because of the beta version, and there were no unforeseen problems when it went live.

After the app's successful launch, we kept in touch with the customer to discuss how it was operating, and they asked to add some features.

Overall, the client was really happy with our service. They are actively putting our suggested site map, product navigation, and product descriptions of action.

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