Project Overview

It's an on-demand courier/parcel delivery service application built for Cyprus-based client, where the customers can order parcel delivery and get it delivered to their customer's preferred location. This application comprises a web backend for admin, customers' mobile application in Android and iPhone with delivery apps for drivers.

The Challenge

The development team at Technoduce was charged with creating a parcel delivery service app that would benefit both the customer (including admins and drivers) and their clients. We designed the application to allow admins to manage information about couriers in the system and to display order details to both admins and drivers. It was also to allow a client to select the delivery's start and end dates, compute the cost, fill out the delivery information, and make payments online or COD.

  • The most difficult task was to design a unique website and use software that could ensure excellent logistics delivery to its customers.
  • Another significant problem was implementing certain unique, beneficial, and advanced features to ensure proper routing, returns management, customer compliance, and information technology.
  • The final hurdle for us was to achieve perfection in terms of UI (user interface) with seamless animations throughout.
courier delivery software


The newly designed package delivery service ensures effective customer administration and ease of use. Whenever it relates to admins' use of the business, it enables them to add and delete new/former couriers in order to ensure that all deliveries and related information are only accessible to the service's currently engaged drivers.

The user should choose the delivery's start and finish points. After that, the service estimates the delivery cost automatically. If a client accepts the price, delivery information is required. When all the ‌information has been provided, it is time to pay for the service: individual clients must pay with online mode, while partner companies that have registered for the service must pay monthly.

parcel delivery software

Following payment, it entered the created delivery order into the system and made it accessible for inspection by service drivers. They sent new order alerts to couriers' emails or SMS. Any driver can accept the order after receiving such an email. The system prohibits multiple drivers from accepting the same order. To assure quality and security, the service incorporates a new driver verification process and a pre-moderation system, which allows couriers to view but not change their profiles.

They added the following steps in the parcel delivery app development process to suit the needs of our customer:

  • Google Maps and Google services (Places API, GeoCoding API, Directions API) integration;
  • Implementation of a customer-provided
  • Connectivity to a local payment system
  • Connection to an email service;
  • To ensure a high-load environment, a microservice architecture was implemented.

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Technoduce has developed a parcel delivery service that allows customers to send packages or parcels by courier.

The resulting service is simple but effective. It allows customers to learn about shipping prices in a matter of seconds and gives all the essential information for an order.

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