Project Overview

Our Qatar-based client approached us with the requirements to develop an on-demand multi-services application such as food, grocery, laundry, beauty, salon, and a handy service provider under one roof. It helps customers who don’t want to install various applications on their mobile phones to get different services. Customers can easily pick up the service they need by using websites and mobile apps.

The marketplace allows various suppliers to register and submit about the service they are providing to the consumer by using the app or website. Customers can use the web and mobile apps to make sure they don't miss out on any of the services while driving all the way to restaurants or grocery stores.

The project also includes a designated driver's app, which allows drivers to register as delivery people with their details and reply to orders for deliveries based on their proximity to the nearest point or respective available times. The features in the driver's app have been designed with the convenience of both delivery staff and consumers in mind.

The Challenge

The Internet has created a viable for on-demand service providers to get assembled under one roof and outsource their services. They assist potential customers and enterprises in identifying their needs and completing them at low costs. The efficient on-demand service marketplace connects service experts and customers to provide a variety of services like food, grocery shopping, laundry, beauty, salon, and handy home service.

  • The biggest obstacle in this app development process is to connect various service providers and their customers with no flawless moves. Clients want to add various services under one roof that would work with online payment modes and real-time tracking options. Customers can add many services to their single cart management.
  • It would split the payment into two ways, One for administrator and service providers based on the commission percentage.
  • Unified order and booking management solution in which completed all the tasks are immediately reflected on both the customer-facing and admin-side interfaces.
  • The most difficult part was processing a CSV file with hundreds of goods and managing all the necessary metadata.
  • Multiple goods and their details can be exported and imported using the admin and service panel interfaces.
  • With the growing number of users and service providers, it's becoming more difficult to keep track of correct pickup and drop-off locations.
multi service application

A glance into the various services delivered


We provided end-to-end solutions to develop an on-demand multi-service platform that aim was to connect various vendors and customers. Customers can order any of the products or request any services as per their needs. The on-demand multi-service application works on both platforms iOS and Android. It has various components to connect handy service providers and merchants. This app comes with a physical store, an online shop, and handy service providers.

multi service customer application

Basic Features of Customer Panel

  • Easy onboarding with mobile number or email
  • Search and filter options
  • Booking and scheduling options for customers
  • Cash and cashless payments
  • Access coupon codes for discounts
  • Free call/chat with admin and service providers
  • Table reservations and bulk order
  • Real-time tracking with the ETA option
  • Products/service wishlist in favorites
  • Order and service histories
  • Managing the multiple addresses
  • Share feedback and ratings
  • Share options with friends and family

Basic Features of Food and Grocery Service Panel

  • User-friendly dashboard report (downloadable/graphical)
  • Onboarding and setting up the business information
  • Managing customers details
  • Availability toggle to manage working hours
  • Pickup and delivery time slot
  • Inventory, stock, and product management
  • Table booking and dine-in options for restaurants
  • Managing the documents of restaurants/stores
  • Managing products, items, and food menus
  • Managing incoming orders (accepting and rejecting orders)
  • Managing the ingredients type and list
  • Managing category and subcategories
  • Manual and automated assigning options to drivers
  • Managing the rating and reviews

Basic Features of Packers/Movers, and Rent a Car Service Providers App

  • Submit the documents for registration
  • Managing the services list
  • Managing the orders and booking with calendar view
  • Accepting and rejecting the orders and bookings
  • Pre-booking and scheduling options for customers
  • Managing the pickup & delivery address with hours
  • Managing the ratings and feedback
  • Detailed analytics reports with earning
  • Managing the cars with details
  • Managing the reviews and ratings
  • Managing the payments and setting the value for cars
  • Managing the insurance policies
  • Managing the request and payments

Basic Features of Laundry and Salon, Spa Service Providers Panel

  • User-friendly dashboard report (downloadable/graphical)
  • Easy business registration setting a profile
  • Managing categories and subcategories
  • Managing the list of services (Haircut, massage, & skincare, etc.,)
  • Managing cloth types and services (Dry clean, Wash, & Iron, etc.,)
  • Pickup options with date and time (Calendar view)
  • Managing customers details
  • Managing the ordering and working plan
  • Managing the bookings with a calendar view
  • Route navigation for service providers to reach user place
on-demand multi service handy app

Basic Features of Handyman and Repair Service Providers App

  • User-friendly dashboard report (downloadable/graphical)
  • Managing the bookings with a calendar view
  • Managing the services (Accept and reject)
  • Providing a free quote to customers based on their service
  • Managing the customer details
  • Earning reports with stats monthly/weekly wise
  • Managing the customers provided reviews
  • Proof of the concept from customers

Basic Features of Delivery Staff App

  • Submitting the documents
  • Managing the incoming orders
  • Accepting and rejecting the orders
  • Availability toggle mode
  • Route optimization for drivers
  • Earning reports and history
  • Proof-of-concept for the delivery
  • Managing the user's feedback/rates
skill development system

Basic Features of Super Admin Panel

  • User-friendly dashboard report (downloadable/graphical)
  • Manage inquired vendor/service providers, users, and drivers
  • Manage sub-admin, roles, controls, and FAQ
  • Manage currency and product form
  • Manage offers, vouchers, and promos
  • Manage delivery area and set a location
  • Managing all vendors and service providers separately
  • Managing all incoming orders and bookings
  • Managing ratings and feedback
  • Commission percentage set up for vendors/drivers
  • Tracking the delivery boys and orders, bookings status
  • CMS and page, admin backend panel settings

Other Features and Functions Developed in the Multi-Service Application

  • Push notifications for customers, vendors, and drivers
  • Offers and discounts for the customers, vendors, service providers
  • Customer loyalty program option
  • The voucher and coupon codes
  • Advertisement for customers by vendors
  • Third-party integration tools Payments, Email, SMS, and Marketing tools
  • Inventory management for grocery stores
  • Invoice generation for customers, vendors, and service providers
  • Reports exportable options (Excel sheet, PDF, Word doc, etc)
  • Product bulk import and export options

Apps Screens We Provided


We successfully developed all the features and functions according to the client's specifications and released the Apple and Android Play stores. This on-demand multi-service app has been offering online food, shopping, and other on-demand services to consumers in the middle east with good success rates. In the first month after its release, the app received more than 5000 orders and bookings besides over 10000+ downloads. The app hopes to increase downloads in the coming month in order to increase sales.

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