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Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated is a global commercial real estate services firm specializing in commercial property and investment management, providing services for real estate owners, occupiers, and investors worldwide. They established JLL in the year of 1999 based in the United Kingdom and it is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries, and a global workforce of over 98,000 as of December 31, 2021.

Project Overview

The web-based inventory management platform enables you to track and control your stock items and groups based on business criteria. The software helps to manage purchased goods stored in the retail storeroom and distributed to other stores in different places.

The Challenges

Build custom inventory management software that works on a web platform. The client had planned to add additional features and capabilities with this new web application that were not available or not workable on their previous platforms. These new web application features would replace some burdensome excel sheets with a secure and user-friendly online platform for organizing and tracking inventory management duties. The platform would track the goods' activities and give thorough data to the company's management. The following is a list of the client's most important features and functions:

  • The staff would approve purchased items based on their purchased orders
  • The client needs a stock opening and closing reports daily
  • Approvers can upload bulk products on their portal and also it can generate the item code for each product
  • Want to store items at single or multiple locations and are also tracked through this application
  • Multiple country offices would use this application to manage their inventories and they can create also country-based item codes
  • Log to be maintained for all transactions for stock audit trail purpose
inventory management software
  • Visibility of inventories across various countries
  • Item purchased and delivered supplier details
  • Role-based access for a different levels of staff

The Solutions

The client can control various online accounts on the system and its end-to-end software solution that facilitates inventory control tasks. We store all the information in a central database that can be accessed and analyzed in real-time. Our programmers built a database model that’s based on transactions between the warehouse and the storage system. This is an example of how data management may assist companies in focusing on innovation.

admin panel inventory management
  • Technoduce proposed and implemented a stockroom management inventory system in ASP.NET (Web Application) based on the client's requirements.
  • MVC 4 was used to create the web application, which has several benefits that aid in the development of amazing apps.
  • As the client was planning to manage all purchased products, that was built only one inventory application instead of different applications based on the country/locations.
  • Take an item import and export from all inventory details and save it in the .csv or.xls format.
  • It will generate a report on PDF, CSV, PPT, RTF, Web Archive, and Word/XPS documents,
  • The client can manage an endless number of products on this platform
  • They can track inventory in multiple locations in real-time.
  • Set up low-stock alerts


The inventory management platform has enabled the organization to communicate data quickly and easily, as well as access information from anywhere in the world. The interface has made it possible to manage inventory on the platform in a simple and quick manner, overcoming major concerns. Among the many features are added:

Technoduce has created a shared platform that is all administered by a single server. Clients can use the service to add products, change product inventories, and get more detailed information from the products themselves. Technoduce can develop and deploy tools to track inventory activity, respond quickly to the staff requests, and monitor all inventory processes such as rejecting, updating and so, in order to help the company maintain its technological advantages.

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