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QiQ is an online pizza ordering system developed by Technoduce info solutions.

This pizza ordering application has multiple unique features to increase business revenue. We have a ready-made online pizza ordering software offering pre-configured ingredients, with customized pizza, where the customer can add toppings as per their wish. Also, can select the size (small /medium /large). combo features, varient type and much more attractive features. Qiq app is provided on both the web and mobile platform (Android & iOS).

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How has Emanuel benefited?

Emanuel Sunday

Emanuel Sunday is the CEO of Negromoore Global Services, a company in Nigeria. He and his company have gained using the features of Cocofortes.com. The first impact was their brand recognition, across the large span of Nigeria. It was soon followed by huge amounts of income, as massive scores of Nigerians came to the site for shopping. Cocofortes also opened other opportunities of income for Emanuel. Each vendor posting their products on the website had to pay him a commission for renting of space. The advertisements posted on the site generated further sources of income. Hence, this real-time shopping site has been successfully running in Nigeria and has been a treasure for Emmanuel.

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