Know the right time to call - Wawapp

Wawapp is an application that lets you known the availability of the receiver of a phone call. Determine if the person is free before making a call, so as to not to disturb.

Case study on Wawapp - mobile application

Wawapp is an cross-platform application developed for Bizitergral Inc; one of our esteemed international clients. It runs on android platform. Once installed, the Wawapp application lets a user discover the status of other users of Wawapp. That can let the user take a decision if he or she can call the other user.

The users of Wawapp can create their own accounts and personalize it with the profile images. With a Wawapp account, users can check the status of person in the contact list before he calls. Being informed about the whereabouts of their contacts, users can fix the right timings to place calls. It is a light-weight application that crosses boundaries and time-limits.

For Whom and Why?

This application best serves the interests of business representatives, as well as for communication between the employees of an organization. These individuals can determine the status of their colleagues, so that they do not interrupt the latter's work, with a phone call. Important conferences and business meetings can be planned based on the availability of all members.

The purpose of WaWapp is to keep everyone in a company aware of each other's whereabouts. There is an appropriate time for every business call, and WaWapp ensures that it is regarded accurately. Important strategies and decisions cannot be taken while engaged with something else. Wawapp lets you know when the other person is free, to discuss such important matters.

The Technology Used

The application has been developed using the Java language, which is a single platform that can be used on all mediums. Being network-centric, it is easy for developers to work across a network with available resources. The DB for Wawapp on the Android platform has been designed using SQLite. This database management system is embedded to the end-program.

The web medium of Wawapp uses MySQL database management system. This database is client/server system, that enables several clients to communicate the server. The application can be further customized like the popular social-media engine Facebook. A person's status is shown as online, if available. You can also share and like images posted by different users.

The Outcome

Marcel Nkankonde

This will be evident from the first day itself. There will be more clarity on who is available and who is not. If one is a business representative, he or she can be aware of the exact time to place a call to the client. The disaster in which a call is placed and in which the client angrily reacts to the wrong timing, may be averted. Each business call can be made productive.

That's not all. Employees of a company can be aware of the availability of a management and vice-versa. On a client visit, a business rep may need to clear certain doubts with his or her management. Now this cannot be done, if the management is huddled in a meeting right? WaWapp makes sure that no call goes to waste and is made at the right time.

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