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Presenting a new line of garments, art and accessories to online shoppers. People in Europe and the United States will now find a new address for fashion.

The Case study on Twol24

The Way Of Living 24 (TWOL24) is a web platform that Technoduce developed for Twol24 BV, located in the Netherlands. It was formerly known as Sparkle Investments BV. Going by the name, it is an e-commerce website that showcases the latest trends in fashion. This stylish e-commerce platform invites established, as well as upcoming professionals in different fields of fashion such as photography, designing and artistry.

Consumers can purchase trendy goods easily from the platform, while the brand-names get better recognition. Consumers can enjoy the art-form in every product and accessory, without any dilution by business establishments. It brings recognition to the art-form in every product and accessory, without any dilution by business establishments. The public views these costumes, accessories and photographs in the manner the designer intended to show it. They get to purchase fashionable products at very reasonable prices.

The Technology Used

Twol24 best serves independent designers, either established or newcomers in the U.S and Europe. It enables them to showcase their skills and form of art, in the same manner in the originally intended manner. These designers, photographers and artists need not have to spend massive amounts on setting up a label and advertising their products. Twol24 makes their path more simple.

The platform anticipates the dreams of these designers and brings interested consumers closer to their products. As there aren't any middlemen involved, the cost of each product is reduced by a big margin. Hence, photographers and designers alike will be able to reach a larger base of consumers, at a fraction of the investment, if done otherwise.

For Whom and Why?

The application has been developed using the PHP language, which helps a developer tier his or her code for easier maintenance. It works with the Kohana Framework. The most important feature of this framework is its cascading HMVC file-system, which makes this framework flexible and extensible. This enables the creation of a small to medium sized application much quicker.

It ensures high performance, as it allows database professionals to configure the database server specifically for each application. The robust transactional support of MySQL database, as well as its platform flexibility, convert into good experiences for the end-user. MySQL can handle almost any amount of data, up to as much as 50 million rows or more.

The Outcome

The immediate outcome would be the influx of several photographs and costumes into the society, which wouldn't have been publicized earlier. Several independent designers, as well as photographers, get the label of their products recognized. It is an easy investment for them, with very less capital and no advertising or campaigning whatsoever on their part.

The Consumers in United States and Europe get access to a wider range of artistry and photography at very much affordable prices. The expenditure on the transport of goods from the creator to the showroom, the rent of the showrooms, the income of its employees, as well VAT is done away with! Hence, the price, as well the features of the product will be an original, as its creator meant it to be.

Claudia Heika

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