Cross-selling mobile app for team interaction - JLL

The JLL app helps business reps and management to interact between themselves. Information about any product or service can be gathered directly through this app.


Technoduce Info Solutions developed a mobile app for JLL, which is a professional service and investment management company specializing in real estate. The application is a cross-selling companion that helps business representatives and management, to interact internally. It is a real-time mobile app through which customers can immediately clear any query they have about a particular product or service.

This keeps the end-customer completely satisfied, as well as paves the way for a company to pitch-in for their other products. All information about every product or service offered by your company is stored through the app in your device. Your representative can simply browse through them, to answer any unexpected queries or concerns that the customers may have at the time of sales-visits. In short, the cross-selling tool developed by Technoduce is a complete diary of your company.

How did it help JLL?

Our cross-selling mobile app helped the management and staff at JLL to coordinate among themselves. As JLL is a professional service and investment management company, its portfolio contains different categories of services. Its representatives may not be able to recollect all information while visiting a client. But our cross-selling mobile app came to their rescue.

The app provided with information about each of their services and hence kept them ready for any of the client's queries. The management could directly interact with the field visiting and create any sudden strategy required at that moment. The entire directory of JLL rested in the rep's hands. The same reps there pitched in for cross-selling and campaigned about other services to the client. Hence JLL made more than the intended business, on each of their client-visits.

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