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This is a online shoppers paradise for mobile phones, tablets and electronics. For consumers across Sweden, other parts of Europe, as well as China, a phone call starts here.


Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB is a Swedish company that operates under the brand name of Dahl. It is a designer and producer of mobile phones, laptops and accessories. The company has successfully designed four smartphones and three tablets. All the smartphones manufactured and sold by Dahl Store facilitate Dual-SIM cards and possess global certificates.

Technoduce Info Solutions has developed a stylish online store for the brand of Dahl. This has opened up endless opportunities for the brand of Dahl, by which the company can reach out to customers outside Sweden as well as Europe. Interactive tabs have been designed so as to give the visitors the complete information of each product sold at Dahl Store.

For Whom and Why?

The Dahl Store sells tablets, mobile phones and their accessories that are beneficial to every stream of a society. The attractive features in every product sold on the medium, the big screen size, the heavy RAM space, and the efficient battery life are sold at very much affordable prices. Merchants can sign-in to the the Dahl Store to be the regional representative of the brand-name.

Hence, merchants in every country can be a partner to the Dahl Store. This ensures that the awesome devices designed and manufactured by Dahl are available to consumers from all over the world. These regional vendors thus can make huge profits by introducing products developed in Sweden, to their regional consumers. In this way, the Dahl brand as well as their regional partners benefit.

The Technology Used

The application has been developed using the PHP language, which helps a developer tier his or her code for easier maintenance. The PHP framework enables the creation of a small to medium sized application much quicker. The DB for Dahl on the Web platform has been designed using MySQL. This database management system is embedded to the end-program.

It ensures high performance, as it allows database professionals to configure the database server specifically for each application. The robust transactional support of MySQL database, as well as its platform flexibility, convert into good experiences for the end-user.

The Outcome

The evident outcome is the massive spreading of the Dahl brand, reaching the hands of every customer in the globe. This is achieved without the Dahl store opening manufacturing factories in every region. Several vendors and businesses can instead become regional partners of Dahl store to bring the products to their localities. Big gains can be made from bringing the brand-name to large consumers markets in Asia and the United States.

Beside, the online Dahl store that Technoduce designed, also makes it possible for global consumers to purchase directly from the site. Online support can be obtained 24/7 and the products shipped without any hidden charges. Hence consumers can purchase exquisite mobile phones and electronics, at the original price decided by the manufacturer.

How has Robin benefited?

Robin the entrepreneur of Dahl Store has gained a lot of recognition for him and his company internationally. It may not have been possible for consumers from Asia, the United States and South America to be initially aware of the brand-name, if it weren't were for its online platform. Technoduce has increased the consumer-base of the Dahl Mobile Technology.

The larger number of consumers immediately get translated into massive profits. It has increased the annual sales of the Dahl brand to approximately 3 billion US dollars. Thus with Technoduce developing the online Dahl store, a regional manufacturer in Sweden, came to be known as a global pioneer in electronic design and manufacturing.


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